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Foundation of Education, Language and Culture for All (SOTCA) offers a wide range of activities to make education, language, diversity and culture accessible to all. Our activities include:
Second/Foreign Language Learning: We offer (second/foreign) language courses for different levels and age groups. Whether you want to learn a new language or improve your existing skills, we have courses to suit your needs.
Workshops, Trainings and Lectures: We organize engaging workshops, trainings and lectures on a variety of topics ranging from language skills to cultural diversity.
Diversity & Cultural exchange: We organize cultural events, workshops and exchange programs to bring different cultures together and promote diversity and understanding. Learn from each other's traditions and enrich your cultural horizons.
Education and Projects: We support educational projects aimed at improving education and promoting lifelong learning for people of all ages. We believe in the power of education to encourage positive change.
Explore our full range of activities, and join our community as we work together to create an inclusive and learning environment for all.

The power of Education Language and Culture to inspire a brighter and more global future.


Mook, Limburg, The Netherlands
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